50 Cent Doubles Down On Busta Rhymes Neck Slander

Though Busta Rhymes once famously prompted fans to break their necks in unison, 50 Cent feels as if Busta would prove incapable of taking his own advice. In what might be the first instance of neck-related hip-hop beef, 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes found themselves locking horns, exchanging some juvenile yet undeniably amusing Instagram photos. After setting it off yesterday (and swiftly deleting the posts), Busta Rhymes counterattacked by poking fun at 50's blue on blue Esco look. Now, 50 has come through with the onslaught, turning his Instagram homepage into a veritable Busta shrine. 

Doubling down on Busta's neck girth, 50 passively aggressively marvels at the sheer strength. "@bustarhymes is mad at me because l said he has the strongest neck inhip hop," he writes, "but he got the strongest neckl ever seen." He proceeds to use a licensed photo of Busta mid-performance, in what seems to be a jab at the legendary rapper's physique. "So here’s a pic of @bustarhymes out preforming me," writes 50. 

It's sad to see the former Aftermath labelmates butting necks like this, but such is the rap game. Shout out to Busta and 50 Cent, who previously collaborated as a united front on the Murda Inc diss "Hail Mary."

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