50 Cent Exposes Young Buck: "This Fool Was Dating A Boy On The Low"

We're currently in the midst of an internal feud between two of the most prominent G-Unit members, 50 Cent and Young Buck. It's a well-known reality that 50 Cent is not the right man to piss off. If you owe him money, get him that bread expeditiously. If not, there will be consequences and public humiliation to suffer through. Just ask Teairra Mari. Or Jackie Long. Or even Rotimi, who literally has worked hand-in-hand with the executive producer of Power on several occasions. These days, 50 Cent is trying to up his coin by pressing anybody and everybody to cover their debts but the most intense feud he's wrapped up in is the one with Young BuckThings have been ugly with transphobic and homophobic remarks being spewed on social media and today, Fif thought it would be a good idea to expose his former friend for allegedly dating a man.

50 Cent Exposes Young Buck: "This Fool Was Dating A Boy On The Low"
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It's Pride Month right now and while this type of behaviour would be problematic year-round, it hits harder because of that fact. For the last few weeks, Fiddy has kept his foot on Buck's throat, forcing him to defend himself against transphobic comments. Fif alleges that Buck was in a relationship with a transgender woman for three years and he took things one step further by sharing a photo of themselves posing with a trans woman, exposing his G-Unit ally.

The caption at the top of the photo points out how Young Buck is too "uncomfortable" with his own sexuality, which is the reason why he's standing so far from the woman. 50 Cent added to the comment in his caption: "Yo this is true, I remember this day," he said. "And this fool was dating a boy on the low."

In the comments section, Curtis reminded the rapper that he just wants his money by Monday. He previously admitted to giving Buck millions of dollars, which he wants back this instant.

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