50 Cent Floyd Doubles Down On Illiteracy Jokes, Posts Floyd Mayweather's "Rough Draft"

It didn't take long for 50 Cent to form a rebuttal to Floyd Mayweather giant Instagram post berating his parenting skills. Besides the usual punchlines that border on their personal history, 50 Cent delivered his latest "illiteracy" roast like a jab to the face. In the best of times, 50 Cent keeps his ammunition tucked away, but since they know each other so intimately, these dark secrets have a way of sprouting up in the worst of times.

50 cent jumped on Instagram ten hours ago, and posted this mock draft of Floyd Mayweather's long paragragh of criticism towards him. The mock version included a ton of errors, like the misspelling of the word vitamin, and the inveterate sentence structure of a young child. Besides the obvious quip over Mayweather's alleged "illiteracy," 50 Cent infers that his draft is in fact the original, before a ghostwriter ran it over for a spellcheck.

Their on-again, off-again feud may seem petty, but at the root of it, they did squabble over $2 million and the daily operation of TMT while Floyd was jailed. But that was then, and their friendship was thought to be smoothed out. I gather the damage had been worn, leaving a vulnerable kink in their fragile "ecosystem." What will they do next?

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