50 Cent Goes Nuts On Lord Jamar for Dissing Eminem

Lord Jamar continued his assault on Eminem and his legacy in a new interview with RapMatic. 

“My thing about Eminem and all that — and I hate bringing his f*cking name up  — my thing about this muthf*cka is you can’t crown somebody king and circumvent the true kingdom,” he said. “Like white people will crown Eminem king because he sold the most records out of all rappers. But, when we go into everyday life of black people, people who are the originators of this sh*t, we don’t fucking listen to Eminem. OK? We don’t listen to Eminem. We don’t go to the gym and turn on Eminem. We don’t turn on Eminem on the way to the club. We don’t play him in the club … Not in clubs live black people go.  Now, corny places I can’t speak for that. ... Yeah, he can rap good, but his content is horrible," Jamar said.

Eminem's good bud 50 Cent wasn't having it.


"Lord Jerome better sit his ass down, 🤨I thought you died already N*gga. Get the f*ck outta here 🤔you ain’t Grand Puba anyway. I’m gonna need a bum ass n*gga in one of my shows.I’ll be reaching out shortly," 50 typed under a photo of Jamar with "clout chasing" on it.

Does Jamar want this smoke?

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