50 Cent Hits TDE's Championship Tour & Posts Up With Top Dawg

While 50 Cent has the reputation as a man who beefs with damn near everybody, he's not altogether allergic to spreading the love. Real recognize real, as they say. Now, in the midst a triumphant return to Instagram, 50 has taken a moment to pay homage to one the most prolific current labels in the game. Posted up alongside Top Dawg and Ant The Ladies Man, 50 took the time to capture the moment in history.

"We went to the Garden to check out TDE last night they killed lt," writes 50. "Me Top dog and @antthaladiesman ?get the strap." Not exactly sure what context "get the strap" has in this situation, but the catchphrase has become somewhat all-purpose in recent days. Either way, it's cool to see 50 Cent connecting with a fellow power player, and one has to wonder if 50 ultimately might show up on any upcoming TDE project; ScHoolboy Q comes to mind. 

It wouldn't be the first time TDE and 50 have crossed paths. Remember, Dr. Dre serves as the uniting factor linking 50 Cent and Kendrick Lamar, as both rappers have spent time studying under the good Doctor's Aftermath. Not only that, but the pair previously collaborated on 50's 2013 single "We Up." Check out the picture below.

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