50 Cent Invites Young Buck To Come Out Of The Closet: "We Know Ya In There"

Not too long ago, 50 Cent and Young Buck were best friends, growing as a group and earning a living with G-Unit. It isn't a secret that 50 Cent made a pretty successful career outside of his G-Unit associates, developing ideas for film, television, and more. The businessman is all about his paper and he's not about to let anyone get in between himself and his coin. Not even one of his closest friends. Young Buck has been Fif's biggest rival for the last few weeks and things have gotten very personal. The feud has centred on Young Buck's alleged relationship with a transgender woman, which is something that Fiddy has gotten a hearty laugh out of. Today, the rapper shared a photo of himself looking inside of a closet and motioning for his former ally to come on out, essentially outing him on social media.

50 Cent Invites Young Buck To Come Out Of The Closet: "We Know Ya In There"
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the new photo, Curtis cracks a big smile and points inside the closet before issuing a message to Buck, who he says is inside. "Hey Buck come on out, we know ya in there," he writes. "I want my fucking money."

There are a few problems here. For starters, 50 Cent opened a cabinet -- not a closet door. In addition to that blatant mistake, this just furthers the troubling narrative that has continued to come to light in this beef. Why should 50 Cent care who Young Buck is sleeping with? Is it that big of a deal? And why does he feel a need to continually clown an old friend for his alleged sexual preferences?

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