50 Cent Protests Freedom Of Speech With Bizarre IG Posts

The world seemed like a less petty place for about 7 hours last night. 50 Cent the Instagram maverick we've come to love/hate caused surprise by announcing he was pulling out from the social networking service effective immediately. The precise moment called for a dastardly pose and a glass Cabernet. Apparently 50 Cent had grown frustrated with the censorship laws governing the service. He voiced his dissatisfaction in saying : "I’m leaving IG, I’m going back to Twitter. They take shit down f my page with out notifying me." Maybe he didn't get the memo that publishing hacked images was akin to committing libel, but who's to say he meant any ill will?

Seventeen hours later, 50 Cent's page is still active but nothing is as usual. For starters, 50 Cent is still posting but they all follow a similar pattern ambiguity. Ten hours ago 50 posted three identical blacked out boxes, and a fourth but one hour ago. One theory that I'm ready to illustrate is that 50 making a stand against censorship, even though it's a battle he looks primed to lose. The black boxes represent posts that would have been flagged. If 50 Cent is serious about keeping up his trollery, he may run into the same issues on Twitter, or the next lateral movement in free speech, whichever the case. Something tells me 50 Cent isn't budging from his seat any time soon.

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