50 Cent Reacts To Parent-Shaming Over Son’s Concert Attendance: "That’s Not My Kid"

While Snoop Dogg's friendly ribbing stole much of the headlines last night, a closer inspection of social media does account for other facets of 50 Cent's concert showing at the Barclay's Center last night. Some, like an Instagram user going by "mister_bruckshott" was far more concerned with the fact 50's eldest son was seen amongst the crowd, and not backstage with his father, throughout the Barclays concert. 

"mister_bruckshott's" comments were inserted within the thread jokingly pitting Uncle Snoop against 50 Cent over concert "compensation." As documented by the good folks over at The Shade Room, 50 talks about repossessing his Lamborghini from Snoop Dogg after the concert. The nosy commenter then asks, "N-gro why didn't you give your own son backstage passes he in the crowd like regular people smfh."

As you'd expect, 50 Cent didn't take kindly to the parental backlash. His response was to, and I kid you not, excoriate himself from his offspring by insisting, "I got a blood test that's not my kid da fuck outta here." The very next slide in The Shade Room post depicts his son Marquise Jackson very much in attendance. Their father/son dispute goes back a decade in time, without a positive turn in sight. Last night was no exception.

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