50 Cent Reacts To Teairra Mari’s Interview: "I Just Want My Money B*tch"

Earlier this week, singer Teairra Marisat with The Breakfast Club to discuss the lenghty beef she's had with Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent. The two have been fighting for a while now since 50 reposted and mocked Mari's leaked sex tape with her former boyfriend. The latter resulted in legal proceedings wherein Teairra was ordered to pay 50 Cent a hefty sum. Well, the singer made it clear she "Ain't Got It" and the two have been trolling each other ever since. Most recently, the Power co-creator spoke up on the interview and so publicly his Instagram account.

The shared video posted by Fif consists of him commenting while playing The Breakfast Club interview with Mari. Herein, 50 speaks over his nemesis by further affirming he wants his money and refuses to back down. In line with his familiar petty fashion, the rapper adds: "Fight back about what? About money the court told you to pay me because your f*cking sex tape came out. How the f*ck did I get in that? I'm not in the tape." And moreover, when Tierra was caught during the interview pleading for Fifty to leave her alone, the rapper unapologetically chimed in: "Nah. F*ck you b*tch." Well, it looks like this feud will not end anytime soon. 

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