50 Cent Revisits Anniversary Of Date He Survived 9 Gunshots At Close Range

The legend 50 Cent surviving 9 shots at close range may not be the hot button item it once was. The belief was that a NY Kingpin didn't appreciate hearing his name shouted on "Ghetto Qu'ran" and ordered a hit on 50, right outside grandma's home while she was stranding nearby. Regardless where you stand in the debate, the incident did take place 18 years ago on the day (Thursday), police records erase any doubt. 50 Cent, compelled to share his growth, made a post especially dedicated to the incident, not for the purpose selling his brand.

50 Cent posted a selfie containing a "Birthday" message which initially confused fans. He later cleared that up in the comment section, specifying that "Birthday" referred to the anniversary the shooting. 50 Cent told fans he was "stronger than ever," implying that any stress associated with the attack has been quelled to a manageable place. With 50 Cent out the streets, and behind the green screen, he is so far removed from the scene the crime. Maybe that's why he's been pitching these true crime to cable networks. Just as he did over allegations he threatened an NYPD Officer, 50 Cent is laughing it f, as though the memory May 24, 2000 never stung at all.

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