50 Cent Says Trey Songz Ran Up On Him & Atlanta Dudes Are Gay

50 Cent continues to air people out, and order debts to be paid by Monday. 

The Queens rapper almost beat up a Soundcloud rapper the other day, and now, he is coming after dudes in Atlanta.

50 hit Compound in Atlanta last night to party and even showed off his hotel rooms beforehand, where Tony Yayo and a gang full of females were hanging out. 

He even joked about Trey Songz running up on him at the hotel. 

This morning, 50 was up early to hit the gym and reminisce on last night at Compound, saying he saw everyone in there. 

JD was in there, Nelly, Nelly kept saying stop sending bottles to my table.

He continues to say who else was in the club, then proceeds to talk about how beautiful the women are in Atlanta, and that he loves it. 

Fifty isn't a fan of the dudes though, pointing out that all the guys in Atlanta are gay. 

Bow Wow was in there, they be liking Bow Wow, light-skinned n*ggas with the brown eyes. Jacques was in there, O.T. Genasis, Fabolous...

I like Atlanta, bitches everywhere. But n*ggas is gay as a maf*cka out here bro. 

Do you agree with Fifty?  

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