50 Cent Sends Bow Wow A Warning And Brings Their Ex Ciara Into It

50 Cent issued another message to Bow Wow about the money he owes him.

The G-Unit rapper threw a party at an Atlanta strip club over the weekend, and Lil Duval said Bow was throwing Fif's money. Later, 50 accused Bow of stealing the money and bringing it home.

Bow Wow then shot back at 50 and said the money he owes him is nothing.

"Getting this movie money before him, TV money before him, bitches before him. It's nothing. A thousand, bro?" Bow asked.

He also peeled off 10 one hundred dollar bills and threw it on the floor.

50 responded soon after and brought up Ciara, who Bow used to be engaged to back in the day and Fif used to date.

"Movie money before him, Tv money before him, bitches before him 🤔did he just call @Ciara a bitch. 😟she’s not gonna like this, but give @antthaladiesman the money,😠and don’t be ever doing shit behind my back again," wrote Fif.

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