50 Cent Spits Fire During A Rare Freestyle Session

It's Monday, so you already know several individuals are scribing cheques with 50 Cent's name on it. Given the legendary rapper's newfound penchant for debt collecting, many have come to forget he was once a formidable lyricist, perhaps one of the era's strongest. At least, insofar as gangsta rap was concerned; few can talk it how they lived it like 50. And while he has popped up on a few tracks in recent memory, namely "Get The Strap" and the A Boogie & Don Q assisted "Yeah Yeah," Fif's music has taken a backseat to his business endeavors. Yet during a recent appearance on Omari Hardwick's "Poetics" podcast, 50 surprised fans and brought it back to the bars.

50 Cent Spits Fire During A Rare Freestyle Session

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

"Ill n***a, I don't want my face on your snapchat," he raps. "I blackjack, you can fuck around and get clapped at / no iPhones, no goPro, no no no, footage of the bullshit when I'm on GOMO / my man dope spot got hit, right now the strip club still lit / by next week, they gon' feel that shit / you think I'm old, I think I'm grown and I'm sexy / that young bitch can get it, and her mama can check me / n***as know the drill or get to runnin' when we drillin' at em / end one bitch, blow the stock and knock the feelin' out em / God type of n***a, move around here correctly / why you think none of your n***as try and check me?" 

The impromptu session prompts a satisfied laugh from Hardwick, which ultimately speaks louder than words. For those who felt this return to rap was all too brief, perhaps there's hope yet. 50 Cent recently teased a reunion with both Scott Storch and Dr. Dre, the men responsible for some of his biggest and best singles to date. Is anyone down for a 50 Cent album in 2019?

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