50 Cent Spotted Hanging Out With Alleged Crooked NYPD Detective At Boxing Match

50 Cent has made it clear that he's not the biggest fan the NYPD in recent times. The Queens rapper was reportedly being investigated by the New York Police Department for his "get the strap" catchphrase. The phrase garnered the attention the police after Fif used it to seemingly refer to Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez who allegedly targeted club Love & Lust in NY in order to get freebies. Despite this, it looks like 50 Cent might have some friends in the NYPD after he was reportedly kickin' it with an embattled cop at a boxing match over the weekend.

According to New York Daily News, 50 Cent was getting pretty friendly with Detective David Terrell and Terrell's lawyer Eric Sanders at Bronx's New York Expo Center on Thursday for a boxing match. Detective David Terrell was stripped his gun and badge two years a go after he was accused falsely arresting citizens. He's now on desk duty.

One the main people he's arrested in Daniel Hernandez who spent a year in Rikers Island following a 2015 arrest. He was arrested by Terrell for a 2015 shooting that left a 15 year old shot in his ankle. Hernandez maintained his innocence although he wasn't able to pay $100 bail.

Sanders says that 50 cent didn't know Terrell or his history with the NYPD until Thursday night but they seemed to get along very well. Terell says they chopped it up about everything from sports to finances.

“They met there and hung out,” Sanders said. “Everyone had a good time.”

The organizers reportedly approached Terrell to ask if 50 Cent can make his way to the next event in Coney Island.

Terrell revealed that his conversation with 50 Cent was one that you'd have hanging out with an old friend.

“He was really a regular guy,” Terrell said. “It was like hanging out with a friend that you had for 20 years.”

50 Cent was apparently a hit among the majority the police at the event. According to the report, an audience made up mainly cops began yelling, "Hey 50! Get the Strap! Get the Strap!”

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