50 Cent Takes Shots At Flyboy Tarantino For Stage Diving: "He Coulda Killed A B***h"

Another day, another 50 Cent trolling. Fif' is the reigning troll king of social media, although there are a number of people who prefer to call him a cyber bully. Fif's antics have made him one of the most entertaining people to watch though, giving him constant relevancy although he hasn't been putting out much music. The G-Unit leader's most recent target is Members Only rapper Flyboy Tarantino. Fif' posted a video of Tarantino that shows him stage diving into a massive crowd. As soon as Tarantino hits the people, they fall down and a gaping hole is left in the middle of the crowd. It's hard not to laugh at the situation. "Now he knew Damn we’ll his big ass shouldn’t be diving on random people he coulda killed a bitch," joked 50. The hilarious video went viral.

A slew of artists commented on the amusing video. "Buddy tripping," Waka Flocka Flame observed. "Awww hell naw," Questlove commented. Members Only bandmate Craig Xen posted "Fly Boy Fly" and Gillie The Kid responded with three crying laughing emojis. Flyboy himself didn't seem to be offended whatsoever. In fact, he was quick to join in on the laughter while noting that now 50 Cent owes him. 

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