50 Cent Trolls Tony Yayo Over Swagger-Jacking A Fisherman’s Hat

Look, with the exception of a new song on Ed Sheeran's upcoming Collabs No. 650 Cent has largely opted to bow out of the music game. Of course, he's occasionally teased a return, including nostalgia-spawning pictures with Scott Storch, but dreams of Street King Immortal have long fallen by the wayside. As such, we're left making due with 50's newfound lot in life, which is to say, stirring up heaps of dung on Instagram. His antics have become so commonplace, they have even spawned a series of sorts in 50 Cent's Targets Of The Weeka comical examination of hip-hop's master troll.

50 Cent Trolls Tony Yayo Over Swagger-Jacking A Fisherman's Hat

 Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As you might know, anybody can get it where 50 is concerned. That includes his own friends, a limited group that includes G-Unit associate Tony Yayo. While the pair have ultimately remained loyal to one another, that hasn't stopped 50 from taking the piss outta big Tony if the situation calls for it. Now, a few weeks removed from a darkly comedic IOU, 50 has once again set his sights on his good buddy. This time, he's going after Tony's look, which 50 deems to be "borrowed" from an established hip-hop veteran.

"Man @TonyYayo stole parrish whole drip," he writes, referring to Parrish of EPMD, who tended to favor a specific headpiece. "LOL with the fishermen hat." He doubles down in his own comments, writing "Yayo you stole the look man." While Yayo has yet to respond, the observation yielded a hearty laugh from Uncle Murda, who may very well find himself the target of 50's playful ire in a few years. Perhaps the more important question is, who wore it better?

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