50 Cent Uses Rotimi’s Money To Buy New Jewelry

50 Cent's entire being for the last couple of months has revolved around getting to the money by any means necessary. He goes about his business in unconventional ways and in order to ensure that he's never taking losses in his finances, he takes to the internet to solve his issues. When he won a lawsuit against Teairra Mari this year, he constantly reminded her that it was time to pay up until she finally succumbed to his incessant nagging. Curtis also won his battles against Jackie Long and Randall Emmett, which both took ugly turns on social media. His most recent goal was to get $300K from Rotimi after helping him get started in the music industry and his Power co-star was quick to pay up a third of that. However, Fif wants the rest and he wants it soon... the man has jewelry to buy after all. 

50 Cent Uses Rotimi's Money To Buy New Jewelry
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The New York rapper posted a video of himself in the jewelry store, trying on a watch that costs over a hundred thousand dollars. When he showed off the custom chain that he will also be adding to his collection, he mentioned Rotimi and Snoop Dogg, who offered to pay the actor's debt, and politely asked them to hand over some more cash so he can ball out to a larger degree. 

After formally ending the feud by wishing Rotimi's family well yesterday, it would appear as though Fiddy has already had a change of heart. He wants his cash in full and he's expecting it by Monday.

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