50 Cent Warns Trey Songz, Dave East & Nelly After David Ortiz Shooting

Trey Songz might have to put his Mr Steal Your Girl moniker to the side after watching this video. This weekend, David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic and several sources are saying that it had to do with a dispute he had with another man. The man who shot him reportedly believed that the baseball star was having an affair with his wife, which led to shots being fired off. While that certainly isn't any laughing matter and we wish Ortiz all the best in his recovery, 50 Cent managed to find light in a rough situation, calling on his closest friends to be a little more discreet in the way they move.

50 Cent Warns Trey Songz, Dave East & Nelly After David Ortiz Shooting
Rich Polk/Getty Images

Fiddy recognizes that he's got a few buddies that like to mess around with other people's women. Namely, Trey Songz is a major culprit. The singer has been flooding 50 Cent's page as of late and it's only right that he was the first person mentioned in this video. Reading out a Daily Mail headline about the David Ortiz shooting, Fif switched gears and morphed into Soulja Boy, uttering his best "Treeeeyyy!?" Then, he singled out Dave East, who recently had his alleged nude photos leaked online. He addressed him by his full name though, calling out "David." Finally, it was time for Nelly to get put on blast. All three vocalists have effectively been warned that if they don't stop fooling around, they may end up in some ugly situations.

Do you think Fif will be asking them for monetary compensation for this tremendous advice?

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