50 Cent’s Targets Of The Week: The Issue Of Non-Refundable Stripper Bandz

Bullying and playful teasing are intrinsically connected, are they not? 50 Cent's bender of a week saw him come to grips with both these tenants of his personality complex, whilst losing his religion in Atlanta's party district last weekend. 50 and a host of fan favorites were on hand for Compound nightclub's 15-year anniversary celebration, mostly in the capacity of hosts, and entertainers. 

I'll do my best to create a sequence and order for all the vignettes that appeared on 50 Cent's social media feed, including the posts that were recorded in response to claims made by Lil Duval, Trey Songz, and Bow Wow, to name just a few. And to my surprise, 50 Cent kept his cool for the better part of the experience, after having spent innumerable hours in his isolationist quarters back home.

50 Cent's Targets Of The Week: The Issue Of Non-Refundable Stripper Bandz

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Case in point, not all of 50 Cent's rubber matches are destined for a calamitous end - especially considering he was cast as the elder statesman of a "Real Husbands of Hollywood," cast of characters throughout the weekend's festivities. With such an abundance of actors and so few speaking parts, 50 Cent was forced into stereotyping as a means of making sense of this new environment.

It's unclear who among them, the Real Bachelors of Atlanta, figured as the "Kevin Hart" of the bunch. It forced 50 Cent into the unenble position of typecasting Trey Songz differently than his peers: i.e a game-tested Dave East fixing for a special kind of prey. 50 Cent's remarks become more incisive as the night wore on, and more do-gooders enter the fray.

In the order these vignettes appeared, I'll begin by recounting a terrifying ambush of 50 Cent's hotel room, at the hands of an incensed Trey Songz, who'd grown weary being called a frugal character live on Insta. As the story goes: 50 Cent mounted a monologue/vignette where he jokingly accuses the singer of making his so-called groupies pay for dinner at a local eating establishment, the world famous Del Frisco's.

Fif implied that Trey Songz is quite the escape artists when it comes time to split the bill. In these instances, Trey creates what's referred to as a "cute n***a moment" in an effort to distract everyone at the table, including an unsuspecting 50 Cent, who as a result, who is left to foot the bill, when the so-called groupies come up short on spending money.

"Trey Songz at Del Frisco's right now. He got like 50 bitches with him," Fofty explained on Insta. "50 bitches in a muthafuckin' restaurant. Do you gotta pay the bill? Don't try to have like a cute n***a moment where you like you don't want to pay the bill now. Pay the bill. You wanna be...you Trey Songz, right?" 

Somewhere off in the distance (relative to the number of videos posted), 50 Cent starts up again, somehow short of breath. A disheveled Fifty, then rolls over to his side to recount the events that led to Trey Songz running him down in the hallway, while on the quest for an ice bucket, or so he contends.

It would seem that Trey Songz only resorted to intimidation tactics after it had become apparent his Insta rebuttal would go unanswered. Within the next hour or so, both men would break kayfabe by revealing the fabricated nature of the whole ordeal - but not before Trey took one parting shot. "Yea, n***a. I found your ass," he joked. "I wish y'all woulda seen this n***a. He dropped the ice and all that."

After licking his sounds behind the scenes, 50 Cent turned his attention to Dave East, another invitee taking part in their after-party festivities. In a subsequent video post, Fif labeled the Brooklyn rapper the type of playboy who prefers the company of raging cougar-types. It all hearkens back the story Dave East told a Page Six correspondent during a charity event in October of last year.

According to East, he'd survived homelessness in his younger days by shacking up with a revolving cast of older women, who all had the means to support him, momentarily. This was certainly circling in 50's thoughts when he attributed a "busload of groupies" with Dave East and his accomplice on the night, the ever-promiscuous Chris Brown. Curious to note: Trey Songz was altogether focused on shedding his babyface image, in order to join the likes of Dave East and Chris Brown in the grown man suite. 50 Cent should have known better than to play an unruly game of divide and conquer.

On the other hand, 50 Cent's run-in with Bow Wow (over the weekend) didn't go over quite as well. For instance, 50 Cent was already ruing his monetary losses, the monies he flung at the strippers who were hired in a bit-role by the Compound organizers. He, Lil Duval, and Bow Wow stood together on the balcony overlooking the crowd, and a group of strippers when money began inexplicably pouring out of their pockets. "I just wanted to notify the dancers that that was not a gift," Fofty exclaimed the very next day, upon discovering an inordinate amount of lint in his pockets.

As my colleague made sure to note, 50 Cent has long been a proponent of strip club's employing a "refund policy" governing unconscionable spending - stemming from "poor customer service" he'd received during a prior outing in August 2018. In last weekend's slip-up, Lil Duval and Bow Wow were left to squabble over the details. It was Duval who ultimately went out of his way in claiming that he alone, didn't borrow from 50 Cent's loot bag. Moreover, he cited Bow Wow as a possible deterrent to 50's monetary losses.

"Don't watch my pockets, I watch me. Matter of fact, I'mma charge your ass for helping your big headed, little body ass up on that bar last night. I'mma charge you," Bow Wow filed in retort. "You see, ain't nobody pick your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to all of us. That's about $1000 right there. Courtesy fee."

Unfortunately for Bow Wow, 50 Cent sided with Lil Duval's account of the incident. "This n***a BOW WOW took the money home with him," 50 Cent surmised in the first of four posts intended for the former So So Def artist. By this point, he'd abandoned his discourse against the opportunistic strippers, to focus his full-attention on Bow Wow alleged theft.

In the second of his derisive posts, 50 drags Jermaine Dupri into the discussion, on account of him being Shad's legal chaperone. In the third post, Fofty offers up video evidence in support of his claims - of Bow Wow tucking away copious bundles of cash, under the drawstring of his Saturday night joggers.

To add insult to injury, 50 Cent later implies (in closing) that Bow Wow can't be trusted, because he'd been indignant towards his ex-lover Ciara. Bow Wow's response to the successive posts, was to pretend that it was all a joke, in the hopes the derision would wash away if left unattended. 50 Cent's force of will is simply that hard to overcome at times.

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