6ix9ine Case Continues: Another Nine Trey Member Pleads Guilty

The Trial Of Tekashi 6ix9ine continues, and it would appear that yet another new development has occurred. According to a report from Complex, a defendant named Fuguan Lovick has officially issued a guilty plea, making him the seventh out of eleven to do so. While it was initially expected for Lovick to attend court for a hearing about an evidence suppression ruling, his legal team ultimately put forth a pair of guilty pleas: one for "violent crime in aid of racketeering" and a second for a "firearms offense." Though the government had previously named him a "Shooter" for the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, Lovick maintained that he never "discharged" a firearm, but simply "brandished" it.

6ix9ine Case Continues: Another Nine Trey Member Pleads Guilty

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Both counts could possibly lead to a sentence of up to ninety-six months (eight years) with a minimum of eighty-four (seven years). It should be noted that Lovick's alleged crimes transpired in April of 2018, back when 6ix9ine was set to walk ringside with Adrien Broner. Before the fight even started, things went sour after 6ix9ine's people and another crew (reportedly Casanova's people) had an altercation.

During the hearing, Lovick offered a take on the situation. "On April 21, 2018, I went to Barclays," he said, per Complex' report. "We were supposed to walk a boxer into the ring. Unfortunately, before we got there, we were attacked by 70 people. I pulled out a firearm and shot it up in the air to get them to back up... I wanted to get them to back up because they were attacking us." Judge Paul Engelmayer remained unconvinced, citing the moment as an assault, and not self-defense as Lovick initially painted.

Upon reading a second statement, Lovick acknowledged that his position in Nine Trey played a role, and agreed with the Judge's assessment. As of now, his sentencing date is set for August 19th. 


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