6ix9ine Exhibits Aquatic Grace In Elaborate Synchronized Swimming Routine

While 6ix9ine's musical output has occasionally been described as loud, abrasive, and boisterous, the young artist seems to be hiding a graceful side. That is, until now. The rainbow haired rapper has stopped by Ibiza for a quick dip, taking a moment to indulge in the lost art of synchronized swimming. Whether or not he's inclined to put his rap career on hold is, as of yet, unclear. One thing is certain, however. The man seems to come alive when wet, like the creature in The Shape Of Water, or one of those expandable dinosaur shaped thing that grown when you leave it in the bathtub. 

Should you be so inclined, behold a dazzling display of aquatic aerobics, the likes of which hip-hop has never seen. We haven't seen such an impressive feat of water-based activity since Jay-Z boldly took to the seas Jet-ski. It's difficult to say how long it took to master such elaborate choreography, as we were not privy to a behind-the-scenes featurette. 

Keep in mind, 6ix9ine's "BEBE" is set to drop on August 31st. Perhaps we'll receive an additional routine in the interim.

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