6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj's "FEFE" Has Hit Platinum Status

His mission statement: going 8 for 8. Now, 6ix9ine can enjoy yet another day as a man of his word, though his prosecutors may feel otherwise. At least, where chart placement is concerned, Tekashi has never uttered one word of a lie. He has officially announced that "FEFE," his Murda Beatz produced Nicki Minaj banger, has gone platinum.

"Ima just leave this here," writes 6ix9ine, "BY THE WAY LETS NOT FORGET ‼️‼️ I HAVE GUMMO, KOODA, KEKE, BILLY, DAY69 PROJECT ALLLLLLL THERE AS WELL BY MYSELF." The man wants you to know that he's capable of biking with or without training wheels. In any case, 6ix9ine's humility is not entirely nonexistent, as evidenced by his friendly and open demeanour with fans; online, however, he's a different beast altogether. In fact, "FEFE" collaborator Nicki Minaj had to actually check the young man, essentially putting a stop to all the "Big Bank" slander.

Still, it's all love between Tekashi and Nicki; in fact, the young rainbow warrior even found himself landing a namedrop in "Barbie Dreams." A rite of passage to be sure. Shout out to the song's unsung hero, Murda Beatz: keep getting those plaques. 

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