6ix9ine On Mexico Losing World Cup Game: "Needed Me On The F-cking Field"

There's no doubt that Tekashi 6ix9ine is a skilled trash talker. He can also scream into a microphone surprisingly well. However, did you know that 6ix9ine is pretty much equivalent to Pele on the soccer pitch? We didn't either. In reality, 6ix9ine's skills may not be as good as he's making them out to be but he believes he could have helped out Mexico in their World Cup loss to Sweden earlier today. Finding out about the country's 3-0 defeat in their matchup against the Swedes, Tekashi had a word advice for his Latino brothers and sisters, telling them they should have used him as a good luck charm.

Who knows... maybe 6ix9ine is an amazing soccer player but we're assuming he's just bluffing here. In the midst his European tour, the Brooklyn rapper said that if he weren't on the field, Mexico could have used him as a commentator. Arriving in Ukraine, Tek exclaimed, "I'm telling you, Mexico needed me on the fucking field today. If they ain't need me on the field, at least commentating the game. I'm good luck." While the team may have lost this match, Tekashi is happy that they simply qualified for the World Cup. Urging his fans to tag the head coach Mexico's national team since they advanced to the next round, 6ix9ine says he's free next week to contribute.

It's unlikely for Tekashi to make a World Cup appearance but how funny would it be to see him cheering on the sidelines?

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