6ix9ine Says He's On Kanye West's Upcoming Album

There are certain presumptions that are so outlandish that that they’re equally as plausible as they are incredulous. This is that. Just a few days after Tekashi 6ix9ine told TMZ reporters that he was on the way to meet with Kanye West, he was greeted by the outlet again. This time around, he came bearing more news: he’s allegedly on Kanye’s forthcoming album.

In his run-in with TMZ at LAX on Sunday, 6ix9ine discussed more than the average celebrity would give on a regular day, but then again, this is 6ix9ine we’re talking about. In the clip he’s heard delivering on his opinion that he is the biggest success story in music, his tendency to beat “the sh-t outta people,” winning every battle he gets into and how he’s never taken an “L.” He even pointed to a young woman who dodged the camera and identified her as rapper Cuban Doll, which is yet another interesting chapter to add to developing stories, before dropping the alleged bombshell that is the focus this article.

As he climbed an escalator, the cameraman brought up Mr. West’s forthcoming album, but before he could fully formulate his question, Tekashi already had an answer ready for him as he blurted out, “I’m on it. I’m on the album!”

The pap doubled down, “You are? No doubt.”

Takeashi responded: “I swear. He didn’t want me to tell y’all but…”

The cameraman went on to crown Tekashi as the “New King New York” in light the news, but course, Tekashi couldn’t accept the title, responding back with “Nah, not ‘new.’ I always been the king.”

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