6ix9ine's Female Companion Smashed By Flying Glass During Strip Club Visit

A full scale altercation ensued after flying glass nearly hit Tekashi 6ix9ine and landed on a female friend standing next to him. TMZ has obtained footage from the mix-up at Ace Diamonds in West Hollywood. The video shows us Tekashi 6ix9ine quite legitimately making it rain, one stack at a time, with a buxom companion to his right.

Nearly ten seconds into the video, a non-visible member the crowd throws a drinking glass in Tekashi's general direction, but his aims is f by half-a-meter or so, and it explodes directly on the chest his companion. In the heat the moment, his companion sensing little pain due to adrenaline, throws her drink into the crowd. Tekashi for his part, looked to be staring directly at one person or section the crowd, as he looked to do the same. Fortunately a security staff was quick to answer the call duty and restrain him from throwing a glass his own.

The exchange sparked a brawl inside the brawl, but Tekashi 6ix9ine and his friend were expertly ushered to safety, according to eye-witnesses reports. TMZ also obtained an image sent to them by a club-goer who was haphazardly nicked above the eye-brow with shards glass. Trouble seems to follow Tekashi wherever he sets foot, and anyone in his vicinity.

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