8 Graves – Smile

In spite having less than 1,000 followers on SoundCloud, 8 Graves have been producing and putting out music since 2015. Going back to their older music, there’s definitely a style they’ve cultivated, and it has persisted throughout the years. One big difference is the quality production, which has become noticeably better and more refined, as evidenced in their latest single, “Smile.”

Brent 8 Graves adds his own vocals to the song, accompanying the raw and dynamic production. It’s a true song, encompassing verse/chorus/verse structure, along with a prominent drop.

Speaking the song, Brent says, “‘Smile’ is a very honest representation how I felt in my time away from making music. I speak plainly about just how lost and close to the edge I got when my main method relating to the world was taken away from me. The most interesting part it, though, is that no matter how dark and defeated a lot “Smile” is, it still details one my strongest moments. The moment in which I decided to fight, to stay alive, and to give myself one last chance at trying to find my place in the world. I hope it helps people find freedom and power in their hopelessness. Because feeling like you have nothing means there’s nothing to lose, but also nothing to hold you back.”

Check it out below!

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