96 Back shares emotional new LP 'ADRISM'

Sheffield youngster 96 Back, aka Evan Majumdar-Swift, shared his second full-length release ‘ADRISM’ on Friday.

Self-dubbed as a “pseudo-breakup album”, ‘ADRISM’ is tender and emotional in the extreme. ‘Carved Into’ desperately claws its way towards the light, abrasive drums clattering through before grinding to an unwilling halt; ‘Ambient Banger’ is a collaborative effort with Skee Mask, and softly usurps the listener’s sense of emotional stability so that you’re crying before you know it; ‘Culminated With’ starts off as an off-kilter breakbeat slammer that softens as the track progresses.

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‘ADRISM’ comes hot on the heels of Swift’s recent EP ‘TBQFH’ for Hypercolour. Recently, Swift has also contributed to a compilation on Mor Elian and Rhyw’s Fever AM imprint, ‘I Hope You Are Well During These Strange Times’. His debut LP ‘Excitable, Girl’, was released in 2019 on Sheffield label CPU.

Listen to and buy ‘ADRISM’ here.

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