A Hungover 50 Cent Informs Strippers That He’s Expecting His Money Back

This past weekend looks to have been a busy one for 50 Cent. For one, the New York legend flew out to Atlanta for the Tycoon Weekend Pool Party, which proved to be a raucous affair for everyone in attendance. As it happens, many prominent names flew out for the occasion, including Trey Songz, Fabolous, Chris Brown, Dave EastNelly, DJ Envy, YFN Lucci, and more. Though largely operating under a "what happens at the pool party, stays at the pool party" mentality, 50 Cent proved to be an entertaining gateway into the festivities, documenting several vignettes from his inebriated and debauchery-soaked experience.

Yet all good things must come to an end. As is so often the case, a hangover tends to await those who overindulge in libations. Evidently, Fif found himself waking up out of sorts, a process he documented on Instagram. It didn't take long for him to orient himself enough to recall a strip-club adventure, during which his own money was spent in excess, likely making it rain upon the dancers of his choosing. Yet not even "Le Chemin Du Roi" can dull the frugal heart of Fofty, who made sure to warn the strippers he'd be coming back to claim what's rightfully his. 

"I just wanted to notify the dancers that that was not a gift," announces Fif, harkening back to a previous strip-club experience. "I'ma need my motherfuckin money back Monday. That was too much money to just be throwing for no reason." He proceeds to reflect on his drunken choices, alone in a dark room; for the first time in a long time, is 50 Cent at his most relatable? 

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