A Lil Peep & Clams Casino Track May Be On The Way Soon

The rap game lost someone great last November, when emo-fusion rapper Lil Peep passed away from a Fentanyl overdose on his tour bus. Waves support from fans and other artists came pouring in, and Lil Peep's legacy has already been cemented into the annals rap music. 

Since his death, however, there has still been a craving for new music from Lil Peep. His main producer, Smokeasac, is already hard at work on the follow-up to his break-out mixtape, Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1, and Peep was recently featured in a single from Marshmello, "Spotlight."

Now another track from Peep may be coming to light, and this one will have some special significance. Clams Casino, producer for artists such as Lil B, A$AP Rocky, and Vince Staples, shared a picture on his Instagram today a tweet sent by Peep, reading "Lil peep X @clammyclams next." This tweet was sent on November 15th, 2017, just one day before his fatal overdose. It was one the last tweets Peep ever sent before he died. 

Now Clams is posting this photo, hopefully as a signal that yes, their song is up next. Clams' production can be both ethereal and dreamlike, or hit like a truck depending on who he's producing for, so there's no doubt that he'll have something special lined-up for his collaboration with the late artist. Hopefully the song drops sooner rather than later so we can all hold f until Peep's tape comes. 

Check out the post below.

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