A “Snow Rave” In Sub-Zero Temperatures Is Coming to Singapore

This September, snowfall is coming to Singapore.

For the meteorologists in the room, we realize that this may seem like a bold call. After all, with its close proximity to the equator, Singapore's tropical climate hardly sees a day below 70° Fahrenheit, even in the very brief and frequently humid winter months. 

However, this September's snowfall is all but a certainty as C.L.U.P. (Combined Local University Party) is committed to bringing Singapore's first rave with subzero temperatures to form.

The organizer is turning this party into "Snow City," which will feature one room at normal temperature and another with conditions dipping down to -7° Celsius (equivalent to roughly 20° Fahrenheit). "There will even be blizzards at random times," they said.

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A "Snow Rave" In Sub-Zero Temperatures Is Coming to Singapore

Ravers may need a wardrobe refresher before attending Singapore's "Snow Rave."

The dance music hits will be at the frigid mainstage of Snow City, so attendees may need to update their wardrobes in order to get the most out of this unique experience. In fact, there's an extra incentive for the best dressed: the chance to win a two-day staycation at the Carlton Hotel. 

Singapore's Snow Rave is scheduled for the evening of September 24th from 9pm to 2am. Tickets are on sale now.

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