A Timeline Of Nicki Minaj & Safaree Samuels' Post-Breakup Drama

Breaking up with a longtime love is never an easy task. While most industry A-listers attempt to keep their private lives away from the prying eyes of the public (unless you're a Kardashian variety, maybe), it's inevitable that an explosive romance involving the self-professed queen of hip-hop would make headlines. Unfortunately for Nicki Minaj, her 2014 split with Safaree Samuels is still setting the Twitterverse ablaze, four years later. Along with ruffling the press-on lashes of the #Barbz army, intent to drag anyone who sides with Samuels, celebs like professional Twitter troll Azealia Banks and rapper 50 Cent have even added their opinions to the ongoing post-breakup narrative. 

Despite the fact that Minaj did the most to keep her love life out of the headlines during her decade-long romance with Samuels, not even Young Money's most skilled PR reps could stop the social media shit storm that occurred after their breakup. Airing most of their dirty laundry on Twitter to the delight of both the Barbz and Samuels' dick-pic-riding female fans, it seems that both Minaj and Scaff Beezy are still down for some drama. 

From Samuels being unable to stomach the success of his former partner, to both rappers accusing each other of infidelity, theft and even domestic violence, it's clear that both parties aren't willing to forgive or forget past offenses. Check out all of the low blows, Twitter drag sessions, diss tracks and interview insults exchanged between the former Hood$tars members since their breakup in late 2014.

In the gloves-off, no-holds-barred ongoing battle between Samuels and Minaj, nothing is sacred-- not even (fake) hairlines. 

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