A$AP Bari Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges By London Police

Last November, A$AP Bari was sued for Sexual Assault, over an incident occurring in a London hotel where several A$AP Mob members were staying. The claimant, who remains unidentified, alleges that Bari burst into her room shouting, "You fucked my assistant, now you are going to fuck me." Bari then proceeded to strip the bed sheets covering her body whilst continuing his forceful act coercion. After several minutes her begging and pleading for him to stop, he angrily tossed her into the hallway, without her clothes or belongings.

Fate has a way circling back to the source. TMZ has learned that London Police have apprehended the A$AP Mob co-founder as he recovered his baggage claims at Heathrow Airport. Apparently authorities knew his itinerary well in advance, and were to prepared to make his arrest, after months deliberation. Turns out returning to the scene the crime isn't risk averse, who would have thought?

Oddly enough, A$AP Bari knew in advance that cops in London were investigating the case, considering they'd contacted him for an interview. It's safe to assume law enforcement didn't show their full hand when they got in contact. Bari was bailed out, but his passport remains frozen, so he can't leave the UK unless they revoke their decision.

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