A$AP Ferg Delivers PSA, Tells Women To Love Themselves The Way They Are

In mainstream, Westernized societies, it's not difficult to find someone who has had some form of cosmetic surgery done. Whether it's permanent or temporary, millions of people lean on surgical procedures to sculpt and shape into versions of themselves that they're more satisfied with. There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel more confident, but A$AP Ferg recently dropped off a PSA, telling women that they don't need to go under the needle or knife in order to be beautiful.

"Service announcement: I love all women the way they are!" he wrote in a text image on Instagram. "Don't feel the pressure of getting bigger boobs, or a fatter ass because the way you are is what makes you unique!!! I'm looking on the gram and I see a lot of joints that was fire and then they start messing with the lip and the hip. F*ck all that!!! If you got the lil buns rock with it. If you got lil t*ts and a nice ass, wear them fancy dresses with the spaghetti strap. I'm not telling people to stop doing what makes them happy or more confident, I'm just saying you are fine the way you are shorty!!!"

Other artists co-signed Ferg's sentiments by commenting on his post. Lil Yachty said "Amen," while G-Eazy wrote, "Thank you 🐐 🐐 🐐." Melii dropped off exclamation points and a heart and Kid The Wiz told Ferg he was speaking facts. Yet, many told Ferg, and other male artists who agreed with his note, that they're apart of the problem, not the solution. DJ Siobhan Bell commented, "When you stop promoting big asses and t*tties in your music like most rappers then I will take this little note seriously."

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