A$AP Rocky Arrested In Sweden On Suspicion Of Assault: Report

Although his recent videos showed that A$AP Rocky and his crew were doing their best to avoid conflict with a stranger in Sweden, Billboard reports that the rapper has been taken into custody. Over the weekend, there were reports that Rocky and his entourage broke a man's headphones during a confrontation on the street that turned violent. A video of the incident surfaced, showing a man being tossed to the ground before he was hit repeatedly by the rapper and his security. The bloodied man was taken away in an ambulance while Rocky and his men left the scene.

Later, another video was made available that showed the rapper and his team actively avoiding the man prior to the altercation. Rocky's security guards repeatedly tell the man and his friend to leave them alone and to stop following them. The man kept touching and pulling on Rocky and his crew, asking who they were, and even throwing his headphones at one of them, hitting him in the head and causing him to bleed. Still, the team continued to walk on as they record their stalker following them through the streets. All the while, someone on the rapper's team filmed the bizarre events for evidence purposes.

At various points in the video, you can hear Rocky say that he doesn't want to get into any trouble because of this man and he shared the videos on social media to show that the fight wasn't his fault. The rapper wrote that he was innocent and mentioned on Tuesday that officials were trying to arrest him, and unfortunately for Rocky, they reportedly succeeded. He's being investigated for suspicion of assault and there hasn't been any other information provided by the prosecutor at this time.

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