ABC Network Becomes A Beyoncé Fan Account On Twitter

The new Lion King movie will be out in a few days and right by its side is an album featuring tons of African artists, as well as Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Beyoncé, who appears on the majority of songs. Fans of the superstar pop singer are excited to hear her contributions to the official soundtrack, buying advance tickets to Lion King so they can be the first to see Bey's performance as Nala. Stan Twitter has been going bonkers after the singer's album announcement and even ABC, a major television network, is switching up their regular campaign to show love to Queen Bey.

After the release of the "Spirit" music video, ABC Network decided that they were so in love with Beyoncé that they wanted to rename their station to better suit the vocalist. Instead of the traditional ABC, the social media team at the network decided to temporarily alter their name to read "ABeyC." They also sent out a tweet confirming that they were becoming an account devoted solely to Beyoncé coverage. While they've already cheated on the Queen by covering other stories, you've got to respect the dedication. Considering the fact that Disney owns ABC though, this isn't all too surprising though. Disney is the studio behind The Lion King, after all.

Hopefully this lasts a long time.

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