Action Bronson Shares The Letter He Wrote To Saddam Hussein In 1990

Stop me if you've heard this one before: a young child convinces himself that handwritten might alter the balance of power zillions in nether regions of the world where a bloody conflict is taking place. As of this morning, we've come to learn that Action Bronson fits the very description I just outlined. Not only did he pen a letter to Saddam Hussein in 1990, in outlining his early pacifist approach to foreign diplomacy. As history would have it, Saddam Hussein was embroiled in the global conflict with the United States over the liberation of Kuwait when the letter was written.

Action Bronson Shares The Letter He Wrote To Saddam Hussein In 1990

Scott Peterson/Getty Images

Years after the dust had settled over the conflict, Operation Desert Shield came to be known for what it really was: a measure taken by the US government to protect Saudi oil reserves over a marauding Saddam. The trouble is, intervention efforts were misplaced by whoever set out to mail the letter in-person. It never left the work study.

Some years later, Action Bronson finally realized he'd fallen trap to a total sham job. Upon finding the letter encased in a souvenir box, Bronsolini quickly uploaded the media to his Instagram, along with a caption that reads, "!M PISSED BECAUSE THIS LETTER WAS NEVER SENT OUT. HANDWRITTEN IN 1990." Bronsolini would inevitably find alternate means to affect the global political climate, by sneaking his vape pens across several enemy lines in the 2010s.

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