Action Bronson's Personal Painting Will Bless "White Bronco" Cover

Action Bronson has mastered the art of deception yet again. The NY rapper jumped on Instagram to display the fruits of his "painting" work session. Not only is the serpentine painting objectively nice piece of work, but Action Bronson has promised to make it the cover shot for his upcoming "indie" mixtape White Bronco. Instead of OJ Simpson gunning it on I-405, we're left with the more visceral image of snake-like "deceit." 

Bronson left Atlantic Records after months of getting his project outlines quashed by executives. Luckily, he had other ventures to fall back on, which in turn creating a concern that may have lost his hunger, so to speak. Since shedding the unnecessary bounty of expectation, Bronson has kept his loyal fans abreast with White Bronco's development. Last we heard, Bronson was nearly ready to drop the project in July, with a caveat or two concerning his perfectionist attitude.

Action Bronson posted his gleeful message in capitalized letters to emphasize his presentiment several years in the making. In 2017, Action Bronson premiered the 3rd installment in his Blue Chips series through Atlantic Records, but the majority of the marketing efforts were undertaken by Vice Records in a 3rd party arrangement. Stay tuned for White Bronco, it's bound to be a good one.

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