Afrojack And Jewelz & Sparks Release New Chilled Out Single

Afrojack has really diversified his portfolio in 2018. The artist, who is best known for championing Dutch house in the late 2000's, has begun producing outside his comfort range. While he revisited his signature sound in many releases, Afrojack has also tackled EDM Rap, Future Bass, Pop-crossovers and so much more. This week he teamed up with Jewelz & Sparks for a chilled out new single.

Afrojack, Jewelz & Sparks – One More Day

In the new single the guys go after a much more relaxed than many might have been expecting. ‘One More Day' is a vocal heavy record which showcases thoughtful and introspective lyrics throughout. The track spends a great deal time subtly building tension before giving way to a vocal chopped drop. The work is reminiscent Marshmello's earlier productions but has an undeniable Afrojack feel. Check out the new single below.

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