Afrojack Continues To Work On His New Alias By Teasing New Projects

Back in 2017, the DJ and producer, Afrojack, began to adjust his music styles and even went as far as rebranding. As Afrojack continues to dominate and headline festivals, the producer is starting to rebrand himself with a mysterious new alias here.

Just days ago, Afrojack revealed that he has a “new alias” and is up to something other than his NLW alias which has been around for years now. While the SoundCloud account he linked to only has roughly 13,000 followers, we can expect to hear some new Afrojack tunes here and there.

Afrojack wrote in the description “Testing to see how it works w uploading edits n stuff, credits go to posty, anki, porter robinson and rl grime, i just glued it together.”

Afrojack's New Alias

Photo Rukes

Afrojack started rebranding and releasing new music in 2017 – as one the pioneers Dutch house and one the consistently biggest DJs in the world, it was exceptionally refreshing to see him return to his roots and put the emphasis back on his music. Now in 2018, Afrojack has announced that he’s going to be playing around with his new alias in addition to his original Afrojack releases.

The fact he says “new alias” leads us to believe that it’s something other than his NLW alias, which has been around for years already. The Soundcloud account linked in his announcement has a meager 12.6k followers (meager in comparison to his main account, which boasts 1.57 million), but we expect that to increase dramatically as he continues to upload new music.

After a 30 month hiatus on the account, Afrojack uploaded two new pieces music. The first is a mashup containing music from RL Grime, Anki, Post Malone, Porter Robinson & Swedish House Mafia. Afrojack wrote in the description, “” sic]

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