Afrojack married Elettra Lamborghini, granddaughter of supercar founder

Ultimate musical couple Afrojack and Elettra Lamborghini just got married in the beautiful Lago di Garda in Italy. The granddaughter of Lamborghini founder and the heiress of the Italian luxury sports car company, Elettra Miura announced their engagement back in December 2019 and have now made it official. The couple finally tied the knot on 26th September 2020 which is precisely two years after the two started dating.

Afrojack is officially joining the married DJs club and we could not be happier for the newly-wed couple. Their relationship went public back in 2018, and it has nothing but couple goals. We of course know about Afrojack’s massive musical success, but Elettra herself is a talented singer and has numerous hits under her name. The musical couple is meant to be and who knows? maybe we will get a collaboration between the two.

The wedding took place on Lake Como, in the luxurious Villa Balbiano. The American themed wedding looked nothing short of spectacular. David Guetta, a guest at the wedding, shared a story on Instagram with top of the line fireworks:

We wish nothing but the best for the newly-wed couple! Check out Afrojack’s post of the happy couple down below.

Image Credit: Afrojack (via Instagram)


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