After Acting Alongside Uma Thurman In Ceremony, Aicha Dosso Debuts Music Career With The Single “Bien”

After acting alongside Uma Thurman in the film Ceremony, the US-based artist Aicha Dosso has now decided to test her talent in the field of music. She has just released the single “Bien,” an original creation blending Parisian Cabaret inspirations with modern pop vibes. 

The music video released with the song is an interesting visual translation of “Bien”’s sonic mood unto screen. She has studied English and Acting at the most prestigious universities in their respective fields.

From Ivory Coast where she was born to Paris where she was raised, and now New York City where she resides, Aicha Dosso is a true citizen of the world who keeps expanding her horizons by enriching herself with the many cultures she has been in touch with. 

Today, she begins a new journey with the release of “Bien,” a record that wonderfully encapsulates the multitude of experiences she has gone through, bringing forth high excitement regarding her next destination in art and life. 

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