AJ Salvatore Delivers Melancholic Dance Single "Alone"

The young 22-year-old artist AJ Salvatore has teamed up with HERØ Records and RED Music under Sony to showcase his latest pop hit “Alone”. With AJ being no stranger to seeing millions streams and views across all his releases, it's no surprise that this new track will leave you pressing repeat. This featured release brings forth a more mature song structure with mesmerizing vocal melodies and an overall gloomy atmosphere that captures the emotions after a breakup perfectly. Featured vocalists, Harley Bird and Valentina Franco, who have found themselves racking up millions views on the powerhouse label NCS, lend a helping hand in delivering a top line that is nothing short stellar.

“Alone carries a lot emotion with it and is open enough to have listeners relate easily and fill in the blanks with their own personal experiences.” -AJ Salvatore

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