Akon Says "You’re A Fool" If You Don't Invest In Cryptocurrency

Akon has been on the cryptocurrency wave for a minute now and after previously announcing his own cryptocurrency dubbed Akoin, he's learning even more about the supposed future currency and he's preaching his knowledge in hopes of getting more people to invest. 

“So, what you’re investing in is the future of Africa, when you invest inAkoin,” he told Revolt TV’s Drink Champ. "[…] I realized that this crypto is going to be the future in currency. I just watch how things changed drastically in time to digital […] Crypto is going to become the next digital currency. So if you don’t invest in that now, if you don’t see that coming, you’re a fool.”

He detailed how Akoin will be up for purchase as of next month on available platforms. “It’s going to be everywhere—I mean, Akoin is actually going to be in more places than Bitcoin itself,” he claimed. “Because in Africa we have an open platform.”

Check out his full interview below. 

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