Alesso Curses Out Fan Due to Twitter Comment

As time goes by, DJ's change their music styles to discover what other style works best for them. During these changes, fans usually criticize the new sounds these DJ's may produce. Recently, on Twitter, a fan caught the attention DJ-Producer, Alesso, that will cause the well-known DJ to become furious. It all began with a video that Dancing Astronaut shared, reminiscing about Alesso's past Tomorrowland performance his Sebastian Ingrosso collaboration “Calling (Lose My Mind).”

In response to the post, Alesso jokingly questioned: “Who's that kid?!” Afterwards, Alesso fan, Simone Guasco, responded by saying “That kid was the best producer I knew, do you know where he is now?” Alesso did not take this comment so lightly. Feeling insulted by the surprising comment, Alesso replied to the fan, telling him to “Get the f*ck out here.” Guasco then tweets the following post to the dance music star:

Alesso then tries to prove himself about his music change and then tells Guasco to change his attitude. At the end, Guasco justified himself by expressing his feelings towards the DJ about his new music and his day zero supporters.

What do you think about this Twitter clash? Did Alesso call out the fan for the right reasons? Was it just an innocent comment? Leave us a comment below as to what you may think about the whole situation.

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