Alex Tumay Provides Update On When To Expect Young Thug's "On The Run"

It seems as though Young Thug may have gotten a little ahead of himself when he announced his album would be dropping "in 2 days" over the weekend. Thugger has been through his fair share of legal issues over the course of the last few months, getting arrested after the Slime Language release party and seemingly turning himself in yesterday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. While these sorts of situations would affect anybody attempting to release an album in a matter of days, Thug seems to be moving forward at full speed, although he remains behind bars.

It's still "free Thugger" but according to his go-to engineer Alex Tumay, On The Run will be freed imminently. The record is rumored to include Elton John (!!!) and a handful of other artists like 6LACK, Jaden Smith, and T-Shyne. While we didn't receive it in the initially agreed upon timeframe, Thug seems to have kept to his side of the deal before turning himself in. Tumay tweeted to his followers, providing an update on the upcoming project: "Turned in mixes before he turned himself in so I could make sure he was happy with it. Clearances take time."

From the sounds of things, the album has been fully mixed and we are simply awaiting a few samples to be cleared before we're good to go. Whether that will be today, tomorrow or next week is uncertain but Tumay sounds confident that we'll be hearing On The Run soon.

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