Alexander Lewis Drops The First Trap Anthem Of 2018 With Mindblowing Flip Of Troyboi's "Flamez"

One the master’s wonky, left--center trap music, Troyboi, just had one his wonkiest tunes flipped by none other than live trombonist/DJ/producer Alexander Lewis. Picking up “Flamez” from Troyboi’s debut album Left Is Right, Lewis puts his live brass skills to work and creates one the first true trap anthems 2018.

There’s no doubt that part the appeal the biggest trap bangers (think “Core” or Odesza’s flip Alex Adair’s “Make Me Feel Better”) are the explosive horns, and Lewis is a master at exploiting this with his live trombone work. It’s more apparent than perhaps ever before on his flip “Flamez.” The track begins right f the bat with booming trombone notes and an underlying rumble bass before the percussion comes in with just a light snare, teasing you… the drop hits with absolute thunderous intensity, only building on itself more and more with every break.

However, Lewis was not content with even such an anthemic composition. On the final drop, he switches it up with expert skill, bringing in a more future bass tone. While perhaps not as powerful as the first drop, it gets even better when Lewis brings the horns back in with the future bass, and all at once it’s like a thousand different flavors assault your senses bringing you to sonic ecstasy.

If it isn’t already apparent, I really love this song. Check it out below and see if you agree.


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