Alison Wonderland provides spiritual experience at Red Rocks with “Temple of Wonderland”: Full Recap

Within the mountains of Morrison, Colorado, lies a concert venue. A place where 9500 people congregate every few days to be completely mesmerized by music. This venue goes well beyond just a single stage accompanied by numerous rows of seating, but as one person described it, a unique “ora” completely separate from the world outside the two rocks in which it lies in-between. The venue is the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater. A place that, through the years, has hosted some of music’s most iconic acts. From The Beatles to Daft Punk, U2, Jimi Hendrix and Coldplay, it is a stage that many musicians aspire to plant their feet on and showcase their very best performance. However, with all the legends that have graced that unique stage, you would be hardpressed to find a show that rivaled the masterpiece that superstar DJ Alison Wonderland displayed on Wednesday night for a sold-out Red Rocks crowd.

Titled “Temple of Wonderland,” it was a show that awaited much anticipation. The first edition took place back in 2019, and due to its success, Wonderland quickly announced a 2020 edition that promised to be a completely new experience, even better than the first one. The 2020 event was supposed to be one of Wonderland’s only headlining shows of the year. Because of this, the anticipation rapidly grew as “Temple of Wonderland” became billed as a cannot miss experience, and with that, the tickets quickly vanished. However, due to the evolving Covid-19 pandemic later in the year, the plan for Red Rocks no longer became a possibility. Wonderland inevitably announced in July of 2020 the tough but responsible decision that the show would be postponed and take place a year from its original date of September 15th. So come Wednesday, after much build-up and anticipation towards one of the biggest nights of her career, Wonderland was finally able to commence church, as she refers to it, upon Colorado.

After playing her Tuesday show, which she later added due to a sell-out on Wednesday, the day had finally arrived for the Australian-born producer to give the experience she had teased for over a year. As the sun began to set on the mountains of Morrison and the attendees started to arrive, the excitement grew exponentially. The minute you set foot on the grounds of Red Rocks Park, you could feel the anticipation in the air of what was to accumulate over the next several hours. Fans in the thousands lined up hours before and waited eagerly to walk the ramp that led up to the iconic venue. Inside waiting for them, was a production they had never witnessed before.

As 6:00 pm hit and the doors opened, fans rushed to get the best seats possible. The night included four opening acts, all of who gave unforgettable performances. A perfect build-up to Wonderland’s monumental set.

First was a 20-minute set from Alison Wonderland’s long-time manager Garth Crane aka DJ Garth. Next up was a historic and arguably ground-breaking moment for EDM as the next DJ, 16-year-old Moore Kismet took to the decks. In Kismet’s first-ever show, not just at Red Rocks but in Colorado, they certainly did not disappoint. Previewing some unreleased music and gritty drops, Kismet lived up to expectations and proved that they are a shining star in the future of electronic music. If you have not heard of Kismet, it would be best to get familiar soon as they are changing the mold of EDM as we know it. Following them was the good friend of Wonderland’s, Elohim. As always, she delivered yet again another masterful performance filled with her incredible vocals and vibey drops. Lastly, Valentino Khan made way to the stage for possibly one of the best sets of his career. It was no question that Khan would make the most out of his 60 minutes and be the perfect selection as the last act before Wonderland took the stage. A set curated with trap and house, it was a performance that continues to live in the memory of attendees almost a week later. The crowd then grew louder as the venue reached maximum capacity, and the moment people had waited for so long was next.

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