Alpha 9 Remixes One Of Armin van Buuren's Most Loved Classics 'Shivers'

It’s been a long thirteen years since Armin van Buuren dropped ‘Shivers’ as part his sophomore album the same name. Having become a much loved favorite across the globe, the song has proven seminal in the evolution trance music throughout the years. Today, fellow electronic music star ALPHA 9 comes knocking with a breathtaking remix.

“The original version ‘Shivers’ by Armin is one my all-time favorite songs: it's the reason why I started to listen to trance music back in 2005” confirms ALPHA 9 aka Artem Stoliarov (Arty), adding “It's really hard to express how much this song means to me.” Grateful for being tasked with an opportunity he describes as “incredible,” this ALPHA 9 remix doesn’t disappoint; the product is a glorious new re-emergence a trance classic that will remain a staple for time to come and guarantee at least another thirteen years worth goosebumps.

The anticipation and importance preserving the source material isn’t lost on the producer Stoliarov, who has also collaborated with van Buuren on the track ‘Nehalennia’ in addition to remixing ‘Embrace.’ Stoliarov said “I usually prefer not to touch my favorite songs, but with ‘Shivers’ it felt different. I really wanted to play this song in my live ALPHA 9 sets, but so it fitted my current sound and style. I had a pretty strong idea where I wanted to take this remix even before I got my hands on the original.”

“The reaction has been incredible. It warms my heart when I see how many people still remember and love this song, and I can't wait to share my remix with both my fans and the fans the original masterpiece.”

Check out one the most euphoric remixes in a long time below and let us know what you think!

Armin van Buuren – Shivers (Alpha 9 Remix)

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