ALWZ SNNY Throws Vibrant “Winter Meltdown” EDM Show

If there's anyone to bring some much-needed heat to the frigid winter months, it's ALWZ SNNY.

The rising dance music producer recently put on a sold-out electronic dance music concert on December 3rd at The Original Cancun Cantina in Hanover, Maryland. ALWZ SNNY headlined and threw down an electrifying DJ set at the festival-style event, which was hosted by influencer Sydney Lint and featured appearances by DJ Deville, Gianni Glo, Ayne Vapel, Marquette King and TyeRiffic. 

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In tried-and-true SNNY fashion, the venue featured a number of experiential activations as performers pirouetted above ravers, who were blitzed by polychromatic lasers on the dancefloor. The DMV Shuffle Circle, a community of electronic music shufflers, could be seen cutting shapes throughout the night.

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ALWZ SNNY Throws Vibrant "Winter Meltdown" EDM Show

The rising dance music producer has also announced a curated Valentine's Day party scheduled for 2022.

Attendees were also treated to kaleidoscopic visual effects, which torpedoed across The Original Cancun Cantina courtesy of Amplifying Pixels, a visual arts studio based out of San Diego, California. And because what would an EDM show be without CO2 cannons and fire pyrotechnics, the company also wowed attendees with its live elements and energy.

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"The energy and atmosphere at these events are totally contagious," ALWZ SNNY said," Everyone is just having so much fun."

Fans of ALWZ SNNY can look forward to a similar party next year, when the masked DJ and producer will throw a curated Valentine's Day show. He has not yet announced a lineup for the event, so fans should keep their eyes peeled on his socials below.



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