Amanda Knox's Infamous Murder Trial & Being Called "Foxy Knoxy" Still Haunts Her

Back in 2007, Amanda Knox was accused having murdered her roommate Meredith Kercher whilst studying abroad in Italy. The case received international attention, with the then 20 year-old being catapulted in the public eye amid some very troubling allegations. However, Knox unwillingly became a media personality in lieu  her ongoing legal dilemmas. 

In a new docuseries set to premiere on Facebook, Knox and a few other notable public figures discuss the perils public shaming and how it dually effects one's psyche and pressional prospects. The Scarlett Letter Reports will feature Knox, Amber Rose and Mischa Barton as they engage in a lengthy conversation about widespread defamation. 

Speaking with Good Morning America in advance the series premiere, Knox admits how "in my case, my vilification came through the lens our society's impulse to vilify women and female sexuality and coming home from that, I've seen that same vilification process happens towards other women and that's what this show is all about, is bringing back compassion and context to journalism without somehow losing objectivity or the integrity journalism." 

She continues to reveal how "it's almost like living a double life where I'm in a limbo space where Amanda Knox, a real person exists, 'Foxy Knoxy,' an idea a person exists, and I'm constantly having to juggle how someone is interacting with me based upon that two-dimensional person me that has been in the public's imagination for so long. And I'm not alone in that."

Knox is hopeful that this series will shed light on an ongoing phenomenon that should be reconsidered. "I'm really excited to see the reaction to it because I'm hoping that it's just a part this ongoing conversation about how we treat people who are in our attention span and whether or not we are going to treat them like we ourselves would] want to be treated."

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